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Dispensers : Soap


Impact® ClearVu™ Bulk Lotion Soap Dispenser - White

A high value bulk fill dispenser featuring a 1360 mL reservoir. See-thru tank; reservoir is removable from backplate for easy cleaning. ADA compliant pushbar; excellent for sanitizer. 8 1/2" H x 5 1/2" W x 4 1/4" D.

Kutol® Pro EZ Hand Hygiene® Wall Mount Dispenser

One dispenser for both foam and liquid! With a contemporary design and unique top-dispensing feature, it is our most popular dispensing system. Originally developed for our eleven EZ Foam® foaming hands soaps, it also accommodates three EZ Liquid® lotion soaps. This versatility allows for more options and flexibility. You can see the product being dispensed, no wasted extra pushes. Made from durable plastic with no metal parts, ideal for wet or dry conditions. Top dispensing design, no risk of leaking valves. ADA push compliant with a secured locking option.

Chemicals : Auto, Truck & Boat Care


Ultra Clean Final Shine Rubber & Vinyl Conditioner - Gal.

Water Based Exterior and Interior Conditioner.  Great for automobiles! Use on tires, vinyl tops, bumpers, tires, dashes, vinyl, leather, patent leather, formica and more!  Final Shine is a concentrated premium water based dressing containing special emulsions that help protect the surface while giving it a deep long last shine.#4241 is a case of 4x1 gal.

Chemicals : Bleach


Ultra Clean Bleach 5.25% - Gal.

All purpose sanitizing bleach.

Chemicals : Chemical Dispenser & Equipment


Knight MX Hospitality Dial 4 - 1 GPM

4 Product Bottle Fill flex-gap. Consistently and accurately delivers chemical at an economical price.

Chemicals : Degreasers


Keep Clean Heavy Duty Degreaser - Gal.

This product is a highly efficient butyl degreaser, formulated to emulsify dirt, grease and oils.  It is a low-foaming product,  can be used at varying dilution rates depending on soil levels, either in a spray bottle, mop bucket or in autoscrubbers or pressure washers.  USDA rating A8

Chemicals : Floor Cleaners


Keep Clean Neutra Klean "No Rinse" Floor Cleaner - Gal.

Neutral pH so it won't dull floor finish or make it cloudy. Safe to use on any surface not harmed by water. Pleasant lemon fragrance. 

Chemicals : Floor Strippers


Build Up & Seal Remover - Gal.

A high-powered stripper designed to remove the most difficult finishes. Emulsifies heavy build up easily. Aids in deodorizing with a great fragrance. Not for use on linoleum.

Chemicals : Glass / Surface Cleaner


Genlabs Concentrated Glass Cleaner 60:1 - Gal.

A gallon of this super concentrated window cleaner will make 60 gallons of ready-to-use product. Simply dilute with water and mix. Will leave your windows sparkling clean and film free. Pleasant blue color and mild fragrance add to its appeal.

Keep Clean Sunshine Glass Cleaner - Gal.

High value, cost-effective and ready-to-use glass cleaner with ammonia. Film and streak free.

Chemicals : Multi Purpose


Keep Clean Sprayaway All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate - Gal.

A multi-use general cleaner that effectively and quickly removes grease, gum, dye, wax, soap, ink and general soils.

Chemicals : Restroom Cleaners


Genlabs Emulsion 23% Bowl Cleaner - Gal.

A concentrated hydrogen chloride based bowl cleaner with an effective balance of acid and wetting agents in an emulsified form. Excellent choice for daily maintenance. Milky white color. Available in both gallons and quarts. 

Flo-Kem Clingee Acid Free Disinfectant Restroom Cleaner -Gal

Thick clinging cleaner, disinfectant, virucide, germicide, and deodorant designed for non-acid use on hard non-porous surfaces such as toilet bowls, urinals, tiles, walls, fixtures and shower stalls. Excellent for eliminating odors from mold and mildew. Blue color with lavender scent. Available in both gallons and quarts.

Paper : Toilet Seat Covers & Dispenser


Life Guard™ Paper Toilet Seat Cover - Half Fold

Available in half fold or quarter fold. 14.5" x 17.25".

Chemicals : Carpet Care : Defoamer


Genlabs Defoamer - Gal.

A little Defoamer really goes a long way. Just one cap full per five gallons in receiving tanks takes care of just about any foam problem.

Skin Care : Soap : Liquid Soap


Keep Clean Lemon Lux Lotion Hand Soap - Gal.

A premium quality hand soap that quickly removes dirt, grease and grime. Contains emollients to condition and protect the hands with regular use. Pleasant lemon fragrance. Use level pH of 7.5. Color: Light yellow; HMIS: H=0 F=0 R=0; 4 per case.

Ultra Clean Antibacterial Hand Soap - Gal.

A high value bulk soap that kills bacteria and germs.

Keep Clean Coconut Lotion Soap - Gal.

A mildly scented handsoap formulated for removing stubborn soils. Mild on the hands, yet it does the job. Use where a good quality handsoap is needed. Contains lanolin.

Keep Clean Pink Lotion Hand Soap - Gal.

Environmentally friendly.

Cleaning Equipment : Vacuum : Tank & Canister Vacuum


Eureka® 3670G The Boss Mighty Mite - 2.6 Dry Qt.

The lightweight canister for floors, stairs, upholstery and area rugs. Bonus blower port great for basements, garages and workshops. 12 amps, 20' cord, standard filtration. 10" cleaning width, sunflower yellow color. Hose is 7' blow molded w/swivel.