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Napkins & Tampon Dispensers


Bobrick ClassicSeries® 25¢ Napkin/Tampon Vendor

Adjustable seamless beveled flange allows fully-recessed installation in 6" deep walls or semi-recessed installation in 4" to 6" deep walls. Single-coin slots are key to jam-resistant operation. Push-button coin return cancels product selection. Empty product indicator automatically blocks coin slot.  EA
Manufacturer #B-370625

RMC J6N White Enamel Dual Vendor

Uses: #4 Stayfree Napkins and Playtex Tampons. Capacity: 17 Napkins/26 Tampons. Specifications: 10 3/8"W x 30 1/4"H x 5 7/16"D.  EA
Manufacturer #25123800