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Angled Brooms


Magnolia Flagged Black Plastic Angle Broom

Flagged black plastic is secured in an angled cap. 12" sweeping surface enables you to sweep hard to reach corners and crevices. 48" metal handle; 55" overall length. Head size: 9"; Trim at peak: 6 3/4".

Manufacturer #463

O Cedar® MaxiPlus® Professional Angle Broom Flagged

Solid block, meaning no chance of separation from shroud. Flagged PET bristles sweep the finest particles. Swivel hang cap helps keep janitor closet clean & organized. 14" sweeping surface; cleans larger areas in less time.

Manufacturer #91351

Rubbermaid® Angle Broom w/Vinyl Coated Metal Handle

Flagged Polypropylene Fill. Ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Cut and shaped for easy sweeping. Long lasting stain-resistant polypropylene bristles. Permanent fusion set bristles won't pull out. Gray; 1 15/16" diameter handle.

Manufacturer #6375

Better Brush Angle Broom Complete w/Blue Metal Handle

Light weight, sturdy angled vertical broom. 4' blue metal handle.

Manufacturer #433212

Premier™ Large Angle Plastic Fiber Broom

Finest quality plastic fiber, finely finished handles and top quality workmanship are combined to make long lasting plastic lobby brooms.

Manufacturer #60804