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Vacuum Accessories


Perfect Beyond Green HEPA Filter Bag For 6 Qt. Backpack

For use with model PB1006 backpack. Certified HEPA media filter system. No bulky hard to remove filters to replace. No filters clogging ever again! 99.7 @ .03 micron filtration (when used with cloth bag).  CS
Manufacturer #15-1802

Mosquito 10 Qt. Ultimate HEPA Micro Lined Bag

3-ply sonic sealed bags.  EA
Manufacturer #900-0034

Sanitaire® ST Synthetic Bag w/Arm & Hammer® Inside

SC600 and SC800 series with tube extension. 10 packs, 5 dustbags per pack.  EA
Manufacturer #63213A-10

Sanitaire® Upright Cloth Bag/SMS Lined w/Lock

Top and side load with 3/4 length zipper on back of bag. Red. Fits: SC600 & SC800 Series.  EA
Manufacturer #53416-1

Eureka® 12" Steel Brushroll

For SC680, SC880, S660, S888, C2030, C2090, C2190 series vacuums.  EA
Manufacturer #53270

Eureka® 12" Wood Brushroll

For 2900, 2920, 2960, 2970, 2980, 2990, 3270, 3280, 4450, 4490, 4710, 4760, 4770, 5810, 5840, 5850, 5960, 5890 series vacuums.  EA
Manufacturer #62228-3

Eureka® 16" Steel Brushroll for Vibra Groomer II

Rubber hex and caps.  EA
Manufacturer #53271

Eureka® Clear Lexan Fan

Manufacturer #12988

Eureka® Disposable Bag For SC412 Backpack

Manufacturer #62370-10

Eureka® F&G Disposable Dust Bag

For 200, 600, 1400, 1900, 2000, 4000 (excluding 4300-4600), and 5000 (excluding 5180-5190 and 5700-5800) series uprights.  CS
Manufacturer #52320

Eureka® LS Dust Bag

3 per pack.  EA
Manufacturer #61820A

Eureka® Red Cloth Dump Bag No Zipper

Manufacturer #24716C-30

Eureka® Style "MM" Bag

For Eureka Mighty Mite 3670 and 3680 series. For optimum performance, change your bags at least every 1 - 2 months. Store in clean, dry place.  EA
Manufacturer #60295B

Eureka® Vacuum Belt

Manufacturer #30563B

Mosquito 6 Qt. Ultimate HEPA Micro Lined Bag

3-ply sonic sealed bags.  EA
Manufacturer #900-0035

Sanitaire® Bristle Strips

Manufacturer #52282-4

Sanitaire® Cloth Zippered Bag Assembly

Manufacturer #53469-25

Nobles® High-Filtration 3-Ply Paper Filter Bag For V-BP-6

Manufacturer #9007784

Tennant Belt, Brush for V-LWU-13

Manufacturer #9009035

Powr-Flite® Gasket Motor To Main Casting

Manufacturer #ER35

Powr-Flite® Hoover A Paper Bag

For Advance 1200 vacuums.  EA
Manufacturer #362PB