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Pest Control


Claire® Big Jinx Roach & Ant Killer - 15 oz. Net Wt.

Broad-spectrum insecticide kills a wide variety of crawling insects. Residual control up to 3 months. Cherry scent. 20 oz can, 15 oz net wt. 12 per case. CS
Manufacturer #C-296

JT Eaton™ Kills Bedbugs & Crawling Insects Powder - 7 oz.

Diatomaceous Earth Product. All natural - bedbugs and other insects never become resistant. Just sprinkle along walls and areas where insects travel or live. Removes water-proofing oils from insect, so they die from dehydration.  EA
Manufacturer #203

JT Eaton™ Stick-Em® Rat & Mouse Size Glue Trap-10" x 5"

Capture larger rodents and insects without the use of poisons. Prebaited and foamed glue attracts and holds rodents for quick disposal. Works in wide temperature range. 2 per pack, 12 pack per case. In a shelf display.  EA
Manufacturer #155N

Raid® Ant & Roach Killer - 17.5 oz., Outdoor Fresh®

Extremely fast knockdown. Kills a broad range of crawling insects. Long-lasting residual action keeps killing for four weeks. Contains active ingredients for rapid kill action.  CS
Manufacturer #94400

Raid® Concentrated Deep Reach™ Fogger - 1.5 oz., 3/Pk.

Kills a broad range of insects. Designed for serious insect problems. Keeps killing for up to two months. Non-staining. Won't leave a wet, messy residue.  CS
Manufacturer #94797