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Dust Mops, Handles & Frames


Premier™ Dura Twist Dust Mop

Non-fraying. By far the highest quality dust mop available. Made of 2/2 ply continuous loop cotton. This dust mop will not fray or de-ply, even with extensive laundering.
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3M™ Doodleduster™ Cloth

Untreated, microfiber disposable cloth that leaves no slippery, sticky residue. Ideal for dusting floors before & after burnishing or prior to recoating. Size: 7" x 13.8" x 287.5' roll. White. Pack: 250 piece/roll; 1 roll per case.  EA
Manufacturer #19152

3M™ Doodleduster™ Holder - Large

Rugged, yet lightweight holders for 3M™ Doodleduster Cloth. Flexible swivel & low profile for easy maneuverability. Convenient clips for easy cloth attachment & removal. Size: 38" x 3 15/16" x 3".  EA
Manufacturer #19151

P&G Swiffer® 360° Dusters™ Extender™ w/3 Dusters

Trap and lock dust and allergens with thousands of fluffy fibers. Dust Lock Adhesive traps and locks dust away for good.  EA
Manufacturer #82074

Premier™ Dust Mop Frames

Available in various sizes. Chrome plated, heavy duty snap on frames for use with "snap on", "tie on" and "slip on" dust mop refills. Use with "snap on" handles.
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Premier™ Dust Mop Handle - 15/16" x 60"

Snap on dust mop handles are designed for easy attachment and removal from dust mop frames.  EA
Manufacturer #53302

Premier™ Wedge Mop Frame & Handle - 15/16" x 54"

Steel zinc plated frame with lacquered hardwood handle for use with all standard sized wedge mop refills.  EA
Manufacturer #53201

Magic Mop Refill - Cotton

A cotton refill for Lambskin Floor Master Floor Duster.  Suitable for floors and walls. Solid plastic frame separate.   15.5" x 9" EA
Manufacturer #220020

Premier™ Dust Seeker™ Pre-Treated Disposable Dust Mops

Available in various sizes. Disposable dust mop. Ideal for schools, bids, and other areas where price and good performance is critical. 4-ply twisted, clean white cotton yarns. Natural.
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Premier™ Kleen Kwik Launderable Dust Mops

Available in 3" and 5" sizes. Natural cotton yarn with 100% polyester backing. Keyhole design with ties to secure mops to frames. Excellent quality, yet economical.
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Premier™ MopRite™ Pre-Treated Dust Mop - 5x18, Natural

Available in various sizes. 4-ply integrated cotton blended yarn is factory treated with an oil based mop treatment for maximum dust and dirt retention. Disposable. Highly recommended where rental mops are being used.  EA
Manufacturer #51818

Premier™ Wedge Mop

Launderable, triangular shaped dust mop made from 100% long staple cotton yarn and polyester backing. Natural yarn.  EA
Manufacturer #51701