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Organizers & Tool Holders


Unger® Hold Up Aluminum Tool Rack - 36"

Tools are inserted from the bottom and held in place by strong rubber fingers. Equipped with hooks on the front to hang up smaller tools. Available in multiple sizes.  EA
Manufacturer #HU900

Continental Handy-Hold Metal Mop & Broom Holder

Steel w/rubber cam. Easy to use. Push handle up into hanger and the rubber cam will adjust and holds tightly in place. To remove push up to release/remove. Grips 7/8" to 1 1/4" dia. Handles. Excellent for mops, brooms and tools.  EA
Manufacturer #515

Nice-Pak® Sani-Bracket Wall Bracket

Having wet wipes available when you need them is a big part of the convenience of the SaniWipe products. Use with the 220-ct SaniHands canisters.  EA
Manufacturer #Q53530