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Shampoos, Cleaners, Pre-Spray & Rinse


Keep Clean Eco Extractaway - Gal.

Keeps carpet cleaner longer. Safe on stain resistant carpets. Use in any box or self-contained extractor to emulsify dirt and set in soils. Will not leave behind an alkaline residue - no resoiling! CS
Manufacturer #191051

Keep Clean Traffic Lane Cleaner & Prespotter - Gal.

For use on heavily traveled areas. Dilute 5:1 with water. Just spray on and let stand a few minutes. Then use your normal shampoo methods. CS
Manufacturer #19051

Flo-Kem Encore Neutralizer Rinse - Gal.

A mild acid solution formulated to not only neutralize alkaline residue, but to activate shampoo residue so the rinsing process is more complete. Leaves carpets soft and bright. Safe on stain resistant carpets.

Also highly effective at neutralizing stripper before resealing hard floors.  EA
Manufacturer #374

Genlabs Dry Foam Rug Shampoo - Gal.

Very economical, this product dilutes 1 part to 24 parts water. Use in the shampoo tank of a rotary machine, wait til it dries and just vacuum it up.  CS
Manufacturer #02045

RMC Proxi® Encap Carpet Cleaner - Gal.

Hydrogen peroxide encapsulation cleaner for interim and restorative carpet maintenance. Very low moisture. Mild fragrance. pH: 6.0 - 7.0. Dilution: 1:20-1:30.  CS
Manufacturer #11973827

HDP All Purpose Spotter - Gal.

All Purpose ready-to-use spot and stain remover. Provides excellent results when used on stains caused by beverages, grease, copier toner, coffee, soda, and shoe polish.  EA
Manufacturer #GL7483

HDP General Spotter - Gal.

A unique spotting product designed for use in carpet care, laundries and dry cleaning plants. Removes protein deposits such as blood, vomit, milk, salad dressing, ice cream and many others. Moderate alkaline.  EA
Manufacturer #GL7542

HDP Oil Break-Up Carpet & Upholstery Spotter - Qt.

The first step in stain break-up and removal of food oils, proteins, greases and fats. Offers effective removal of oxidized oils, soda, inks, lipstick, coffee, tea, urine, furniture lacquer stains, grease and alcoholic beverages. Use at full strength. EA
Manufacturer #QT7371

HDP Paint, Oil, Grease Remover - Qt.

Solvent spotter rinses free with water; leaves no residue of its own.  EA
Manufacturer #QT7508

HDP Stain Guard 5:1 w/Carpet Protector - Gal.

A highly effective anti-soil/anti-stat that contains properties to extend carpet life. One gallon of concentrate covers up to 1200 square feet of carpet or upholstery. EA
Manufacturer #GL7644

HDP Tannin Stain Remover - Qt.

2:1 acid spotter. An effective stain remover of tea, coffee, urine, fruit juice, liquor and other types of brown or yellow stains.  EA
Manufacturer #QT7541

Professional RESOLVE® Spot & Stain Carpet Cleaner - 32 oz.

Can be used as a traffic lane cleaner and pretreatment spray and is effective against most food and grease based stains. Ideal for upholstery. Offers the added benefit of highly effective odor neutralization. Ready to use. EA
Manufacturer #97402

Carroll® Spin Dry Carpet Maintainer - Gal.

Acts like a dirt magnet. Leaves surfaces virtually dry and quickly ready for foot traffic. Dilute according to soil. Also excellent for spotting. White emulsion color; light citrus fragrance. CS
Manufacturer #PC291-1