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Utility and Vehicle Brushes


Carlisle Flo-Pac® 9" Pointed Hand Scrub

Comfortable hourglass shape and flared fill material allow this general-purpose scrub to get into corners and tight areas. Crimped filament holds water for better scrubbing. 9" Wood block; 1" trim, Tampico.  EA
Manufacturer #3627700

Carlisle Flo-Pac® Flo-Thru Brush w/Flagged Polystyrene-10"

w/Flagged polystyrene bristles. Flo-Thru design delivers a constant flow of water. Dense fill and vinyl bumpers protect vehicle finishes. Handles sold separately. Plastic block; 2 3/8" trim. EA
Manufacturer #3646600

Carlisle Flo-Pac® Natural Fiber Utility Scrub - 20"

w/Tampico bristles. Lightweight plastic handles are break-resistant, soak-proof, sanitary and economical. Plastic block. 2" trim.  EA
Manufacturer #36509L00

Flo-Pac® Toothbrush Style Utility Brushes w/Plastic Handle

Great for small jobs, tight areas, and detail work on ceramic tile, small parts, seams, threads, and soldered joints. 1/2" trim.
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Carlisle White Tampico Utility Brush - 8"

Grips and bristles are designed to work in the most comfortable position and provide the most efficient cleaning. Lightweight plastic handles are break-resistant.  EA
Manufacturer #3621920800

Better Brush Curved Block Hand Scrub Brush

6" x 2" curved plastic block filled with cream-colored plastic bristles 1-3/8" bristle trim length.  EA
Manufacturer #310606

Better Brush Window Wash Vehicle Brush

Soft green flagged fiber is set in plastic block. Two threaded handle holes on the 14" x 2.5" plastic block.  EA
Manufacturer #181214