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Window Squeegees


Windshield Wash Squeegee - 10", Red

Durable sponge wrapped in nylon mesh for removing road grime. Flip and squeegee. 21" handle length. Wood handle.

Manufacturer #20060

Windshield Wash Squeegee - 8", Black

Heavy duty sponge wrapped in nylon mesh to scrub/wash. EDPM squeegee blade wipes away water and grime. Comes with 20" black plastic handle.

Manufacturer #20070

Ettore® Aluminum Super Channel w/Rubber - 24"

For use with any of the Ettore Super System handles. Available in various sizes. 

Ettore® Brass Clips for all Window Squeegees

Manufacturer #1253

Ettore® Master Brass Channels with Rubber - 6"

Solid brass will not rust. Perfect balance and weight.


Ettore® Master Brass Squeegees Complete - 14"

Available in various sizes. The top of our professional line. Solid brass is lightweight and will not rust. Perfect balance and weight.

Ettore® Pro Series Solid Brass Window Squeegees

Professional quality. Replaceable professional rubber blade. Rust proof brass. The original squeegee.

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Ettore® Soren Rubber - 36"

14" to 36" sizes.

Ettore® World Famous Master Rubber - 6"

Exclusively made for Ettore®. Guaranteed streak free. Available in various sizes.