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Window Cleaning Washers


Ettore® Aquaclean Pole - 35'

Aquaclean is manufactured to the highest standards. Constructed of a blend of fiberglass and carbon fiber, these poles are the best option for work ranging from 10 feet up to 65 feet in height. Utilizes a lateral clamp design. All poles are shipped with a 12" brush.


Ettore® Dura Sleeve Replacement Covers - 14"

Tough, durable, super absorbent, and long lasting. Available in several sizes. 

Ettore® Golden Glove Washers

Extra heavy synthetic pile, double-twist fabric and double seams at the sewn ends.

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Ettore® Porcupine Washer - 18"

Slips on and off all standard T-bar frames. A heavy-duty, double-action washer interwoven with thousands of flexible bristles. Tough on dirt, easy on glass, it's the one-pass washer.


Ettore® T-Bar for all Replacement Covers - 22"

T-Bars for all Ettore poles. Taper T has a contoured handle of high impact plastic. Super System has a pivoting handle. Great for odd shaped windows and obstacles. ProGrip has ergonomic, no slip grip.