Von Drehle Preserve® Mini Center Pull Towel - 8.3" x 264'

Item # 26400

  • A terrific space-saving solution when a full-size dispenser is not appropriate. Perforated to deliver only one clean, dry, germ-free sheet at a time. 2 Ply.
  • Green Seal[TM] Certified. 100% recycled content
  • Diameter: 5.6"; Length: 15"; Width: 8.3"; White
8.3" x 264', CS
Manufacturer #CP264
  • Made in the USA
  • Description

Each of these mini rolls is perforated to deliver only one clean, dry, germ free sheet at a time. Controls usage and reduces waste. With the hands free mini center pull towel dispenser, you use only the towel you touch, eliminating contamination. Ideal for restrooms, kitchens, food-preparation areas and other high-traffic locations where sanitation is important but space is limited.