Keep Clean V.O.O.M. Vanquish Oil, Obliterate Muck - Gal.

Item # 7353

  • A high-powered citral-based degreaser that emulsifies greases and oils. The pleasant orange scent makes working with this product pleasant.
  • Can be used undiluted or up to 75:1
Gal., CS
Manufacturer #7353
  • Made in the USA
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A high-powered citrus based degreaser that cleans the grease off fast. The great citrus fragrance makes this product enjoyable to work around. This product can take on the toughest dirt, even removing tire marks with ease. 

Does the heavy work of removing grease, oil and ground-in dirt. Many applications - as an all-purpose cleaner, ovens and vent hoods or oily/greasy concrete.