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Dust Mop Treatment


Claire® Dust Up Floor Dressing & Dust Mop Treatment

Oil based. Attracts dust and dirt to dry mops and cloths. Heavy lint on a mop or cloth can be shaken or washed out. Lemon scent. Improves dust pick up on dust mops and cloths. 20 oz can, 14 oz net wt.

Manufacturer #c-875

Ecolab® Endust™ Dust Cloth/Mop Treatment - 15.5 oz.

Makes a dust magnet of your cloth or mop, giving it three times its normal dust-holding capacity. No-wax formula. Ideal for regular, cost-effective cleaning and polishing. Prevents dust scattering and resettling.

Manufacturer #61196291

Flo-Kem Dust Mop Treatment - Gal.

Premium quality oils reduce residual film on floors if used properly. Clear liquid with lemon scent.

Manufacturer #600