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Floor Restorers / Maintainers


Genlabs Advantage III The Restorer - Gal.

A floor finish restorer that penetrates to rejuvenate, providing more than just a topcoat restoration. Brings out beauty that comes from within the floor finish. CS
Manufacturer #08830

Genlabs High Speed Spray Buff - Gal.

A spray buffing material designed to glide over the finish while polishing to a high gloss. Excellent cleaning properties.  CS
Manufacturer #7000

Franklin #20 UHS Combo Cleaner/Maintainer - 64 oz.

This non-film forming product provides superior cleaning, revitalizes the finish to extend strip and recoat cycles, builds gloss and reduces powdering. Recommended Dilution: T.E.T. 1:256, Lightning Blend 1:128. Citrus fragrance, clear straw color, USDA C1.  CS
Manufacturer #F378419