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Chemical Dispenser & Equipment


Knight MX Hospitality Dial 4 - 1 GPM

4 Product Bottle Fill flex-gap. Consistently and accurately delivers chemical at an economical price. EA
Manufacturer #7850201-1

Knight Dual Hospitality Storage Cabinet w/Lock

Dual hospitality storage rack with lock for two 1 gallon or 5 liter bottles. Multiple cabinets can be connected together. Rugged polypropylene and stainless steel construction. Large viewing window. Simple and easy snap together assembly.  EA
Manufacturer #7630805

Knight MX Hospitality Basic 1-Product Bottle Fill Dispenser

Compact, durable dispenser designed with minimal number of parts, making servicing and operation simple. Multiple units can be daisy chained together. Durable ABS cover and polypropylene chassis. Capable of handling 100 PSI and 140° F. Flow Rate: 1 GPM; Flex-Gap back flow preventer.  EA
Manufacturer #7850101

Knight Single Hospitality Storage Cabinet w/Lock

For 1 Gal. or 5 L bottles. A modular chemical cabinet that is designed to fit your storage needs at an economical price. Can be customized into multiple chambers. Simple and easy snap together assembly. Knock out holes for F-style bottles.  EA
Manufacturer #7630804

RMC EZ Mix Dispenser

Easily screws onto any EZ-mix bottle for quick use. Locking switch for continual fill of mop buckets or autoscrubbers. Simply depress handle to dispense solution. Connect quick disconnect and hose for fast, mobile usage. Slide knob for bottle or bucket fill, press down handle.  EA
Manufacturer #35717800