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Floor Finishes


Keep Clean Super Shine Ultra Floor Finish - Gal.

Incorporates the latest in polymer technology to yield the hardness and depth of shine of a pure acrylic with the durability of a urethane. Super Shine is a self-leveling finish that dries quickly, yields a wet look with only three to four coats, and responds exceptionally well to burnishing. Greater depth of shine can be achieved with additional coats. Daily cleaning with KCP's Neutra Klean floor cleaner and periodic applications of Advantage III restorer or High Speed Spray buff followed by burnishing will keep your floor at its best! CS
Manufacturer #21995

Keep Clean Undercoater & Sealer - Gal.

Applies a durable seal to the floor. Leaves a great looking finish ready for any traffic condition. Excellent for use on all types of resilient floors. For indoor use. CS
Manufacturer #21901

Genlabs Innovation Floor Finish 35% - 5 Gal.

A high solid, high gloss, long lasting floor finish. This product can take a beating and come back for more, time and time again. Extremely durable and capable of bringing out a luxurious shine, even in high traffic areas.  EA
Manufacturer #09920-5

Franklin Interstate 50® Floor Finish - Gal.

Can be used with burnisher and spraybuff for high speed and ultra high speed maintenance programs. Repairs easily. 20% Solids. Excellent for retail and school type programs. CS
Manufacturer #F195022

Franklin Nova X® Floor Finish - Gal.

Designed for daily or frequent burnishing in all maintenance systems. High gloss. 20% Solids. Spray buffable. CS
Manufacturer #F465222

Flo-Kem Flo-Crete II Indoor/Outdoor Sealer - Gal.

An acrylic emulsion sealer for use on non-resilient flooring. Durable, chemical resistant and will not whiten or peel from exposure to sun and rain. Excellent for use on concrete, terrazzo, quarry tile, slate and other hard surfaces. Makes cleaning easier and helps to preserve the integrity of the flooring. Coverage is approximately 1500 square feet per gallon. CS
Manufacturer #133