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Specialty Cleaners / Polishes


Ecolab® Behold Furniture Polish - 16 oz. Aerosol

A professional-grade aerosol furniture polish. Behold cleans, waxes, polishes, moisturizes & protects wood furniture & similar surfaces. Color: Milky White. Scent: Lemon. CS
Manufacturer #61190406

Pledge® Commercial Aerosol - 17.7 oz., Lemon

Gentle cleansing conditioners remove fingerprints, smudges and dirt from wood furniture, cabinets, paneling, vinyl and leather. Shines, dusts, polishes, protects in one easy step. CS
Manufacturer #94430

Carroll® Brite Boy Metal Polish & Cleaner - Gal.

The premier polish for brass, metal, aluminum, copper and silver. Unique formula stands alone in performance and ease of use. Cleans, restores & protects. White color.  EA
Manufacturer #PC492-1

Murphy® Oil Soap Liquid - Gal.

Economical, gentle, natural cleaner is ideal for mopping wood floors, paneling and other large wood surfaces. Cleans finished wood and hard surfaces. Traditional Murphy® scent. Over 80 years of natural cleaning tradition.  CS
Manufacturer #01103

Claire® Chewing Gum Remover - 6.5 oz. Net Wt.

Make it easy to remove chewing gum, candle wax, putty and other gummy substances from surfaces. Freezes substance to approx -40° F so it cracks off fast. No staining or chemical residue left behind. Cherry scent; 12 oz can, 6.5 oz net wt. 12 per case.  CS
Manufacturer #C-813

Claire® Furniture Polish w/Lemon Oil - 14 oz. Net Wt.

A rich blend of silicones, cleaners and lemon oil that cleans and polishes a wide variety of surfaces leaving behind a pleasant lemon fragrance. Leaves a hard, dust-free shine that lasts. 16 oz can, 14 oz net wt.  CS
Manufacturer #C-810

Claire® Gel Vandal Mark Remover - 15 oz. Net Wt.

Designed to remove vandal marks from most surfaces. Gel formula clings to vertical surfaces you are trying to clean. 20 oz. can. CS
Manufacturer #C-880

Claire® Premium Furniture Polish - 17 oz. Net Wt.

A superior wood polish and cleaner, this product is formulated with a rich blend of hard wax and cleaning agents. Leaves behind a fresh lemon scent. Thick emulsion dusts, polishes and waxes in one easy step. 20 oz can, 17 oz net wt.  CS
Manufacturer #C-818

Claire® Metal Cleaner & Tarnish Remover - 14 oz. Net Wt.

A non-abrasive, cleaner/polish for removing tarnish and oxidation from brass, bronze, silver, aluminum, stainless steel, chrome and copper. Can size: 16 oz.  CS
Manufacturer #C-847

Claire® Water Base Stainless Steel Maintainer

Cleans, polishes and protects stainless steel without hard rubbing and polishing. Resists finger prints, grease and water spatter. 20 oz can, 16 oz net wt. CS
Manufacturer #C-844

Claire® Stainless Steel Polish & Cleaner - 15 oz. Net Wt.

A blend of cleaning solvents, detergents and fine oils. Cleans, polishes and protects stainless steel without hard rubbing and polishing. 20 oz can, 15 oz net wt.  CS
Manufacturer #C-841

Flo-Kem Achieve Furniture Polish - Gal.

A silicone furniture polish that leaves a protective coating. Safe on most furniture, chrome, stainless steel, plastic surfaces, vinyl upholstery and many other surfaces. Water based. Milky color with lemon scent. CS
Manufacturer #610

Genlabs Lemon Oil Furniture Polish - Gal.

This polish is for oak furniture and other fine woods. It replenishes the moisture in the wood to give it new life. EA
Manufacturer #2059

RMC Natural Shine Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish - Qt.

Biobased. Ready to use. Utilizes natural corn based ingredients. Do not use on painted surfaces. Mild fragrance. pH: 7.0.  EA
Manufacturer #11894414