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Texas Feathers Microfiber Glass & Mirror Cloth - Yellow

Removes fine dirt that dulls natural shine. The fabric incorporates a tight weave for lint free cleaning. More economical than paper towels. 14" x 16".  EA
Manufacturer #CMG-1416C

Unger® StarDuster® Pro Ceiling Fan Duster

Microfiber StarDuster® Pro Ceiling Fan Duster can easily and effectively clean all shapes and sizes of ceiling fan blades, even the new wider blades. Plush microfiber strands aggressively trap and hold dirt.  EA
Manufacturer #CEDUG

Fuller® FullPRO Microfiber Cleaning Cloth - Red

100% microfiber. More economical than paper towels. Scratch-free, streak-free. Guaranteed for 500 washings. Use with or without chemicals. 16" x 16".  EA
Manufacturer #CMC-1616R

Unger® Stingray Glass Cleaning Pad

Replacement microfiber pad for Stingray Indoor Cleaning System eliminates dust, fingerprints, grease and other light dirt. Triangle shape for perfect reach into corners. Lint free, easy glide microfiber. 10" x 10" x 1".  EA
Manufacturer #SRPD1

Texas Feathers Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

High quality, woven Microfiber Cleaning Cloth offers more scrubbing power than ordinary sponges or rags. Cleans without streaking or spreading dirt and grease. Works best when used damp. 16" x 16" dark blue.
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Texas Feathers Microfiber Dusting Cloth - Green

Recommended for general dusting. Its super-soft, non-abrasive fibers safely seize and remove dust. Cleans surfaces without scratching. 16" x 16".  EA
Manufacturer #CMD-1616C